Core Participants

A Core Participant is someone who plays a key role in an inquiry process. They will have a significant interest in the matters being investigated, such as Essex based families of mental health inpatients who have died, current and former mental health staff, and organisations providing inpatient services.

Core Participants may receive disclosure of evidence, make opening and closing statements, and suggest lines of questioning for witnesses.

Baroness Lampard opened the initial application process for Core Participant status at 2pm on Monday 22 April. Although the initial window for Core Participant has passed, applications can be made at any time. The Chair may consider the impact of any delay in deciding whether to grant an application.

You can watch a video statement from Baroness Lampard about Core Participants below: 


You can also read the FAQs on Core Participants here and find further detail in the Inquiry’s Protocol on Core Participants here.

To apply for Core Participant status please complete the below form:

Core Participant Application Form April 2024