Support Services

Urgent help for mental health

If you need help for a mental health crisis or emergency, please consider the following emergency options:

  • Call 999.
  • Attend your nearest A&E.
  • Book an emergency appointment with your GP.
  • Or for non-emergency advice, you can contact your GP or call 111.

Support organisations

The Inquiry provides specialist, independent emotional support to those affected by the work of the Inquiry through the British Red Cross.

There are a number of other organisations who can provide you with support and advice for issues relating to both mental health and bereavement.

Please note that the Inquiry team are not able to act as an advocate for those affected by the work of the Inquiry. Please see below for information on advocacy services. 

Please note that the Inquiry does not formally endorse these organisations.

Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive and there may be other organisations who can offer support to you. For help and advice on other support organisations, you can speak to your GP.

Mental Health Support
Mental Health Advocacy
Bereavement Support