Terms of Reference

Update on the Terms of Reference – 1 February 2024

Following the public consultation process, the Chair of the Inquiry, Baroness Lampard, sent her proposed Terms of Reference to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in mid December 2023.

The Inquiry is currently waiting to receive the final Terms of Reference as set by the Minister.

As soon as these have been received, the Inquiry will publish the Terms of Reference as quickly as possible. 

A number of protocols will also be published by the Inquiry shortly after the Terms of Reference have been set. These include a Protocol on Core Participants and a Protocol on Legal Expenses.

On 1 November 2023, Baroness Lampard launched a public consultation on the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference. This ran for 4 weeks and closed on 28 November 2023. Baroness Lampard will review the responses from the consultation. Following this, Baroness Lampard intends to send her amendments to the Terms of Reference to government ahead of the Christmas parliamentary recess so that the final Terms of Reference can be published in the New Year. These will also be published on the Inquiry’s website.

You can read FAQs on the Terms of Reference here.

You can download a copy of Terms of Reference that was consulted on here:
Proposed Terms of Reference

You can find the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference during its non-statutory phase here.