An independent statutory inquiry into the deaths of mental health inpatients in Essex.

The final Terms of Reference were published on 10 April 2024. You can read them here

You can also read the Chair’s Statement of Approach to the Terms of Reference here.

The Inquiry was re-launched as the Lampard Inquiry on 1 November 2023. The Inquiry continues the work of the Essex Mental Health Independent Inquiry. You can read more about this here.


The Chair, Baroness Lampard, will open the initial application process for Core Participant status at 2pm on Monday 22 April. ...

Other Information

You can read more about the Inquiry under FAQs.

At 2pm on 22 April, Baroness Lampard will open the application process for Core Participant status.  This will run for 4 weeks, and close at midnight on Monday 20 May.

The Lampard Inquiry is a statutory inquiry investigating mental health inpatient deaths in Essex.