Safeguarding Statement

The welfare and safety of everyone who engages with the Inquiry is incredibly important to the Chair and the Inquiry team.  To ensure this safety and welfare, if we identify risk, we may sometimes need to take action to address this.

There may be cases in which the Inquiry team would need to share information without the consent of the person or people involved. This would include if:

  • we identified a significant risk of harm to a child;
  • we identified a serious risk of harm to an adult;
  • we identified a risk relating to a serious crime; or
  • we were ordered by a court of law or required by some other legal reason.

In such cases, we would need to share information about this risk to the relevant authority, such as the police or social care. Unless it would place you or anyone else at risk, the Inquiry team would inform you about the information we are sharing, to whom we are sharing it with and why.

You can also find further information on the Inquiry’s Privacy Information Notice.