Complaints Policy

Making a complaint

We aim to treat everyone who engages with the Inquiry with care and respect. 

If there is anything which you are unhappy or dissatisfied about in relation to the Inquiry, please let us know. Receiving feedback helps us improve the service which we provide.

Anyone can make a complaint if they are unhappy about how the Inquiry has worked or if they think that there is something which the Inquiry is not doing well. We will deal with any complaints raised with us (including those which are anonymous) in a fair and thorough manner. We will investigate all complaints seriously. Where appropriate we will make changes to how we work and we will apologise where we’ve fallen below acceptable standards.

How to make a complaint

  • You can email your complaint to or leave a voicemail on 020 7972 3500.
  • You can write to us using the address, The Lampard Inquiry, PO Box 78136, London, SW1P 9WW
  • If you are already in touch with a member of the Inquiry team you are welcome to contact them directly.

If you do choose to email your complaint, please use the following as your subject line: CONFIDENTIAL complaint. If you prefer, you can ask someone to make a complaint on your behalf. This could be a family member or friend, support group or other professional. If you do this, please make sure you confirm in writing for that person may represent you.

To help us deal with your complaint quickly and efficiently, please give us as much detail as possible about the matters which you are unhappy about.

We will acknowledge your complaint within three working days.

Process for handling complaints

Your complaint will be directed to the Secretary or Deputy Secretary who are responsible for dealing with complaints. Your complaint will not be handled by anyone who is the subject of your complaint.

The Secretary or Deputy Secretary will make a record of your complaint, look into the issues you raise, and reply to you. They may also be in touch with you directly to gather more information related to your complaint.

We aim to respond in full to all complaints within 14 days.  

We will let you know if we uphold your complaint, in full or in part. Or if we do not uphold your complaint. Where we find that things have fallen below our expected standards, we will apologise to you and explain what steps we will take to put things right and ensure it does not happen again.

What if I am still not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with the Inquiry’s response to your complaint, please let us know. You are welcome to do so by email, post or by leaving a voicemail, as above.

It would assist us if you could explain which elements you are unhappy with in the Inquiry’s response, order that these can be considered further. The complaint will then be referred to a third party to provide their views.   The third party will undertake an investigation into the concerns which you have raised and review the initial response which has already been provided to you by the Inquiry.  The third party will provide a response to you, which will be shared with the Inquiry.

You can download the complaints policy here.