How we’re gathering and using evidence

We will be gathering evidence related to Essex mental health inpatient care between 2000-2020. We will hear from a range of witnesses including:

  • Families, carers, and friends of those who died
  • Those with experience of mental health inpatient care
  • Staff and others who work or have worked in mental health care
  • Representatives of organisations that provide, investigate, regulate, govern, or commission mental health services
  • Representatives of organisations that otherwise form part of the wider system related to mental health.

We will also be gathering documentary evidence, for example medical records, serious incident reports, investigations, etc. We will analyse these in order to write our report and make recommendations.

For more information on giving evidence, please visit Giving Evidence and Evidence Sessions FAQs.

Evidence Protocols

The Inquiry will listen carefully to those who have been affected or were involved. Their voices and experiences will be at the heart of the Inquiry’s work.

The Inquiry is happy to discuss any potential measures that can be put in place so that anyone wishing to provide evidence feels comfortable.

The Inquiry considers it is important that all family members that have been affected are given the opportunity to provide evidence if they wish to do so. The Inquiry is equally mindful that some families may not wish to participate in the work of the Inquiry and their privacy will of course be respected.

The Inquiry plans to meet with family members in private to allow them to give their account. The general approach of the Inquiry will be to treat evidence provided by family members and those affected by the issues which the Inquiry is investigating as confidential.

In some cases, the Inquiry may ask a witness if their evidence session can be reflected in a signed witness statement that could be disclosed to other witnesses and participants. It may also be published on the Inquiry website with any redactions that may be necessary. Where that occurs, the Inquiry will liaise with a witness before any part of their evidence is shared.

For more information on how we will use evidence, please read our Evidence Protocols.