Staff call for evidence webform

    1. Please tell us about your work in the mental health services:

    2. Please can you tell us about why you chose to work in mental health care?

    3. Please tell us about support and training:

    4. Please tell us about the care and treatment you have provided to patients:

    5. What is your view of senior managers, the culture and leadership in the mental health organisation(s) you work for / have worked for?

    6. Please share your views on the care provided by mental health services:

    7. Have you ever witnessed or been involved in a serious incident? Please tell the Inquiry about what happened.

    8. Please tell us about the involvement of patients and their families in patients’ treatment and care:

    9. Would you be happy for you or members of your family to receive mental health care in any of the places that you have worked?

    10. What recommendations would you make to improve the treatment, care, and safety of mental health patients in the future?

    11. Is there anything else you’d like to tell the Inquiry about the Trust where you work or have worked?

    12. Is there anything else you’d like to tell the Inquiry?

    Contact details:

    Please note, you are welcome to provide your evidence anonymously. However, the Inquiry team may wish to follow up on aspects of your evidence or hear more about your experiences and recommendations. We’d be very grateful if you’d provide your contact details.