Claiming Expenses

EMHII Witness Expenses Policy: Families, Carers and Patients

The Essex Mental Health Independent Inquiry will ensure that anyone who wants to attend an evidence session or come and speak to the Inquiry team is able to do so. The Inquiry will therefore cover the reasonable costs of doing so as set out below. 

Please note that for all expenses, receipts must be provided.

The Inquiry Team will consider individual circumstances, reasonable costs and travelling distance when deciding claims for travel, subsistence, loss of earnings, childcare and, exceptionally, other expenses that are necessary and proportionate.

Witnesses can claim reimbursement of the following through provision of receipts to the Inquiry team:

  • Travel (for witnesses and necessary companions):
    • Standard class travel expenses on public transport
    • Petrol costs for traveling by car (at a rate of 45p per mile) and by motorcycle (at a rate of 24p per mile)
    • Taxi costs will be permitted for local journeys up to 5 miles, with a receipt. For any journeys which are longer than 5 miles, please speak to the Inquiry beforehand to check whether you would be able to claim reimbursement. Circumstances where taxi costs could be provided by the Inquiry may include:
      • Where this was the only form of transport available
      • If a witness is registered disabled or has mobility issues
      • If the witness is vulnerable, or has particular concern about travelling by public transport.
  • Subsistence: When attending an evidence session, witnesses (and their companions) are entitled to claim up to £5 for a meal with a receipt. Claims for alcohol are not permitted.  
  • Childcare: witnesses may claim for the reasonable cost of childcare required to allow them to provide evidence, if not covered by any employer childcare scheme. Prior written agreement must be obtained from the Inquiry team.
  • Loss of earnings: Witnesses who are attending an evidence session to give oral evidence and would otherwise suffer a loss of earnings should contact the Inquiry Team to discuss this.

Depending on individual circumstances, the Inquiry may be able to cover additional expenses.

If there are other financial losses that you will incur as a result of providing evidence, please provide details to the inquiry team on contact@lampard-og.local or leave a voicemail on 0207 972 3500.

Updated December 2021